What does that License Plate mean???

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What does that License Plate mean??? Empty What does that License Plate mean???

Post  Lauren R on Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:03 pm

I am going to educate you all on what a LP says about the driver:

Spotted Owl: I have no taste. I will always drive at least 5-10 mph less than the posted speed limit. I will maintain a safe driving distance of 25 cars behind the car in front of me. I will abosuletly brake at all curves in the road...you never know... a spotted owl might be crossing the street.

Spotted Owl coupled with a Buick: ALERT! STAY AWAY...DANGEROUS AND DEADLY COMBO!!! You will wish you had a gun in order to use it upon yourself to take you out of this cruel, cruel world.

Tiger: Mainly same rules apply as the owl but more subdued. Slightly less annoying.

Train (PA Heritage): So rare that you will hardly ever see them. They like to stay inside and play with toy trains rather than brave the open road. Be aware that they will stop at all RR crossings.

Otter: No problems to date. They are usually found at the beach rescuing a whale.

D.A.R.E.: I am 16, I just got my license...I drive 80 mph above the limit and I am usually drunk or high while doing it. Thinking they have outsmarted the fuzz by placing an anti-drug symbol on their car...these idiots have no respect for human life...they can usually be found busted at a DUI checkpoint or hanging at the 7-11.

D.A.R.E. (Older Driver): Usually an off-duty cop...be aware.

Handicapped: My question here: Does every handicapped driver have a disability that involves their right foot? Have they all been diagnosed with a disease that cripples your ability to apply minimal pressure to a pedal? Please let me know on this one.

I have covered the basics here...feel free to make ammendments.

Lauren R

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What does that License Plate mean??? Empty Re: What does that License Plate mean???

Post  Guest on Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:09 pm

Apple Frame Plate - Brain-Dead Hippy Driver - Ageless - I don't need a blinker, I'm the only driver on the road. I cannot hear you honking, I have my Gen 49 iPod all hooked up with my tape deck converter, I'm uber-technical!



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